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You have questions. 

Lots of them. 

You always have. 


From the time you were a kid, you noticed how the universe seemed to work, and you figured things out. You saw the details and constructed the big picture that connected them. And when you told your peers about what you’d figured out, they didn’t care. And while the adults didn’t really care either, at least they listened. So, you’ve never really felt comfortable with the people you’re around. They don’t really get you. 


You’ve gotten to the point where you’re tired of wondering what’s wrong with you. Why you don’t seem to be on the same page as everyone around you. You work hard to fit in, but never seem to get things right. You’ve started to suspect that you truly are different from everyone else. You realize you’ve been stressed by this for most of your life (and even legitimately traumatized, but more on that later).


You suspect you’re autistic. Or someone’s told you that you might be autistic. Or you’ve actually been diagnosed as autistic. 




No, seriously. Congratulations. This is great news. You’re not broken, stupid, insensitive, awkward, withdrawn, or lacking a sense of humor. There’s nothing wrong with you, only something different. The majority of the people on the planet are wired differently from you. They don’t understand how hard you’re working to understand them and fit in. 


But we do. Because we’re on your team. The A Team. 


We’re the peer group you’ve been looking for all your life. Join us and find out what it’s like to finally be understood, heard, and appreciated just for being you. You’ve got questions? So do we. And together we’ll find the answers. 

What our listeners say:

" I've cried multiple times because I would hear you all say or explain something, and I realized there are other people out there who think and feel and act the same way I do."

Bob, USA

"Listening to the podcast is like listening to friends and your insights helped me to understand so much about myself…So, thank you!"

Tobias, Germany

"Having you guys on my team has really helped to alleviate the existential crisis I was starting to go through. So, truly, thank you."

Ines, Australia

Excerpts from past conversations

1.1 - Diagnosis

Why would anyone want to get diagnosed with autism?

It turns out, there are a lot of good reasons, including happiness.

1.2 - Relationships

1.7 - Healing

Autistics and the people who love us… How is it possible to maintain a relationship when we're in our heads so much?

We may not be aware of it, but autistics have childhood traumas because we grew up without peers, making us feel… different.

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