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Australian Autistic Asperger's Women/Non-Binary

A group for Australian Autistic/Asperger’s women and non-binary folk to connect, share articles, ask for advice and make friends. All are welcome regardless of being self diagnosed or professionally diagnosed. This group is for 18+ only. We are a positive autism space.

Women with Autism / Autistic Women and Girls

Because 1 in 4 people diagnosed with autism aren't boys! This is a support group for both autistic women and mothers/guardians with a daughter on the autism spectrum.

ASD-Village (Autism Spectrum Disorder - Village), By Aspies - For Aspies

ASD-village was founded out of a fervent hunger within the autistic community. We are a global networking portal that seeks to revolutionize the quality of life for those on the spectrum through building a local sense of belonging and purpose within its members. ASD-Village has been built out of necessity and passion - by Aspies, for Aspies. ASD-Village is where obsessions collide with purpose, passion, vision and service, because we believe when it is all said and done, each of us are hungry for a place to call home… …Exhale…welcome home.

American Women on the Autism Spectrum

This is a connect group specifically for American women on the autism spectrum in the land of red, white, and blue.

NeuroClastic has an article for that

Tired of explaining the same things over and over to people who aren't trying to listen? Wish there were better resources out there for autistic people and their loved ones? Stop doing the emotional labor and rest easy-- NeuroClastic has an article for that!1


Older Adults with Asperger's (OAWA) is a support group for people over the age of 45, who identify as Asperger's or Autistic. This includes people who are self diagnosed, as well as professionally diagnosed, and both are equally accepted within the group. There is also an offshoot group to OAWA, called Diagnosis Asperger Syndrome (DAS). This group is for adults over the age of 50 who have recently been diagnosed as Asperger's, autistic, or ASD.

Aspergers & Autism Safe Room: A Safe Haven For Women On The Spectrum

This is an INTERNATIONAL support page and is for ADULT (AGE 18 PLUS) WOMEN ON THE SPECTRUM ONLY. This group is for WOMEN (or those who identify as women) and are on the autism spectrum ONLY. THIS GROUP IS AN LGBTQ SAFE SPACE - Meaning, among other things, trans women and genderqueer individuals who identify with the female experience are entirely welcome.

Neurodiversity Newsstand

Welcome to Neurodiversity Newsstand. This is a news and discussion group focused on topics in neurodiversity. It is for EVERYONE; parents, professionals, and neurodiverse individuals are welcome and encouraged. I am your group leader, Becca Lory, CAS, BCCS. I will be posting articles for discussion weekly on Fridays. No discussion ends so feel free to go back to old discussions if you are new. There is also a pinned post with more information on the goings on in the group. This group is for respectful discussion ONLY. Topics may be sensitive and we will all process the information differently. Its a neurodiverse group, after all. Passion welcome, differing opinions encouraged, and apologies required. Rudeness will not be tolerated and may result in being banned from the group. Please be considerate and thoughtful in your word choices. NO POLITICS OR RELIGION. I was a bartender, drunk or not, this is good general life rule. Now let's get discussing!

Surprise! You're Autistic!

"Surprise! You’re Autistic!" is a free, official community of that welcomes anyone who learned they're autistic well into adulthood. (If you're questioning, you're welcome too!) Membership is open to anyone 28 and up. #ForUsByUS, our mission is to fill the gap in resources, community, and support after discovering who we truly are. Posts need to be explicit about the ways the topic connects to late-identified #AutisticLife, ask how the topic might connect to #AutisticLife, or connect to content from Each of us makes this small effort to bring those ah-a moments to members who are new to learning about autistic life. ---------- ✊🏽 If you happen to identify as an autistic person of colour, here are more spaces just for you: ♀️ Autistic Women of Color: Autistic BIPOC: Follow our Facebook page for articles, memes, and discussions on late-identified #AutisticLife, #AutisticWomen, and #AutisticAging: For exclusive discounts and freebies, join our email list: Questions?

Autistic Women Living Authentically

If you identify as an autistic woman, female identifying person, or nonbinary, this group will provide a place to swap stories, seek support & access & share resources. It will help you explore what authenticity means to you as an ASD woman.


A group for LGBTI folk on the spectrum...

Adult Autistic Community Hangout

The group is intended for adults with autism who are professionally diagnosed or self-diagnosed. This means that we will NOT allow parents and caregivers to join this group

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