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Conversations that transform lives

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You've just discovered you're autistic...Now What?  This page will give you some first steps to understanding and accepting adult autism.


Your path forward to a continued understanding with support and focused discussions.

For allies, friends, and loved ones. Here is a place to listen, understand and accept adult autism.

" I've cried multiple times because I would hear you all say or explain something, and I realized there are other people out there who think and feel and act the same way I do."

Bob, USA

"Listening to the podcast is like listening to friends and your insights helped me to understand so much about myself…So, thank you!"

Tobias, Germany

"Having you guys on my team has really helped to alleviate the existential crisis I was starting to go through. So, truly, thank you."

Ines, Australia

Excerpts from past conversations

1.1 - Diagnosis

Why would anyone want to get diagnosed with autism?

It turns out, there are a lot of good reasons, including happiness.

1.2 - Relationships

1.7 - Healing

Autistics and the people who love us… How is it possible to maintain a relationship when we're in our heads so much?

We may not be aware of it, but autistics have childhood traumas because we grew up without peers, making us feel… different.

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